Prayer and Meditation

The Chapel: A space for spiritual growth

Prayer Labyrinth

Chapel Prayer LabyrinthDo you wonder what it means to “walk the labyrinth?” The prayer labyrinth is an archetypal pattern, a “divine imprint,” found in religious traditions in various forms around the world. In recent years, walking a prayer labyrinth has been rediscovered as a meditative, “active” way of praying. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has only one path; there are no tricks and no dead ends. It is designed to quiet the mind and lead the walker by a winding route to the center, and then, by the same route, to return to the exit.

Chapel Gallery

The Chapel offers a gallery space giving the congregation an additional form of worship through art. Works by artists in the congregation and artists in the Madison area have graced the walls. One of the most impressive exhibitions was of the liturgical stoles of the ordained ministers of the church (both those currently serving and those who are members of the congregation) in 2019, some of which are shown here: