Holy Week

Holy Week Services and Events

Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 2 | 10:00 a.m. | Sanctuary and via Livestream

Seeking: Where are you headed?

We follow Jesus has he enters Jerusalem. He is surrounded by his followers laying down palms on the road, as he rides humbly in on a donkey.

Maundy Thursday

Thursday, April 6 | 7:00 p.m. | Sanctuary

Seeking: Will you wash my feet?

This service commemorates the last night Jesus spent in community with his disciples. We see a supper in which Jesus showed his beloved friends what “blessing” really means, regardless of the current circumstances. Gathered as community, we share in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. The evening includes a Service of Shadows with candles.

Good Friday

Friday, April 7 | Noon | Sanctuary

Seeking: Why have you forsaken me?

On Good Friday, we follow the scriptures that chronicle Jesus’ last day on earth, ending with the crucifixion story.

Easter Vigil

Saturday, April 8 | 8:00 p.m. | Chapel

The Easter vigil is the culmination of a 40-day-long observance of Lent and takes place after sundown on the night before Easter. The Service marks a transition from dark into light, despair to hope, spiritual emptiness to spiritual newness. It is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection and the turning of our attention to the coming of a new day.

Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 9 | 10:00 a.m. | Sanctuary

Seeking: Who are you looking for?

We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and ponder how life anew is felt in our own lives.

Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday, April 9 | 11:00 a.m. | Dining Room

Long considered a symbol of new life and rebirth, pre-Christian cultures used eggs at spring festivals to commemorate the transition out of winter. The early Christian Church adapted these traditions to the story of the resurrection.  Regardless of its genesis, the Easter egg, and the hunt, have become firmly nested in Christian and secular cultures at Eastertide. The Youth of First Cong have carried on this tradition, and after a three-year hiatus, will again fill the Dining Room with colorful, treat-filled symbols of the resurrection.