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News: A Pastoral Letter to White Americans

The stories of young black men being killed by white police are sparking a national conversation. However, public responses to these painful stories reveal an alarming racial divide. From an unarmed teenager killed in Ferguson, Mo.; to a 12 year-old boy shot dead in Cleveland; to a white police officer on video choking a black man to death in New York City; and a startling series of similar stories from across the country and over many decades — our reactions show great differences in white and black perspectives.


The Tower: December 21, 2014

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News: Is Prayer Navel Gazing?

When I was growing up I took piano lessons. Now, don’t get excited and think that I should accompany your next recital. For the number of years I took piano lessons, I really should have more to show for it. But, I wasn’t very diligent in my practicing and once I left home for college, I never continued to play. Due to my lack of contact with the piano over the years, that skill is long gone.


The Tower: December 14, 2014

Here is our newsletter, the Tower, for the upcoming week. Enjoy!


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