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News: Celebrating 175 Years....

Celebrating 175 Years at First Congregational United Church of Christ

- an Ever-growing Inclusive Community

Seven women and two men from New England and New York organized our church on October 4, 1840. Our founding occurred only four years after creation of the Wisconsin Territory, eight years before Wisconsin statehood, and a month before William Henry Harrison was elected the ninth President of the United States. Madison's population was a rousing 146 persons and Dane County had about twice that number. Read on for Anniversary Events.

News: A Day of Celebration!

What a grand Sunday we had celebrating the 175th Anniversary of First Congregational Church!  Our morning Worship featured a Reunion Choir, a challenge to work as hard, if not harder than our ancestors for social justice from Rev. Ron Buford, and celebrating communion with this year's first communion class.  The sermon will be available on the website in the very near future.  Assisting in leading Worship was Wisconsin Conference Minister Rev. Franz Rigert, and Associate Conference Minister for the Southwest Conference and former minister at First Congregational, Rev. Joanne Thomson.

News: First Congregational United Church of Christ Celebrates 175 years!

This Sunday, October 4, 2015, First Cong will celebrate exactly 175 years since the congregation was chartered on October 4, 1840.  The day will begin with 10:00am worship, with Rev. Ron Buford preaching.  Ron was the architect of the United Church of Christ’s ‘Stillspeaking’ campaign.  Former General Minister and President of the UCC John H. Thomas said, “Ron leaves a permanent legacy on the UCC for which the church will always be grateful.  The Stillspeaking Initiative will continue to be a transforming movement within the life of the church and Ron’s creativity and devotion have been a driving force behind it.”  Ron is currently the Pastor of the Congregational Community Church of Sunnyvale, UCC, Sunnyvale, California.  

News: 175 Years of History, Church, Community & University

We will have a great opportunity this Sunday to get a bigger picture of what has happened in the 175 year history of First Congregational. Beginning at 2:00pm Sunday, September 27th we will explore the history of the Church, Community and the University. We have three very qualified individuals to lead us through this history.



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