Norris Tibbetts

August 12, 1921 — October 22, 2022

Long-time member Norris Tibbetts passed on October 22, 2022, at the age of 101. He advised First Congregational’s high school youth group, then known as Sigma Nu Kappa, for a dozen years. When he stepped down from that position on June 5, 1968, he was presented with a plaque stating:

In recognition of outstanding service to youth, Norris Tibbetts, singer of songs, inspirer of the young and not-so-young, seeker after justice, planner of journeys, paddler extraordinary, enthusiast for life, we honor you.

As advisor to Sigma Nu Kappa for twelve years you have contributed richly to young lives with insight, wit and devotion. Your second-mile concern for youth has brought strength to all our hearts. For your signal contribution to the world’s future, we thank you.

It was signed by moderator Harry Hamilton and four ministers: Lawrence L. Gruman, Edward E. Beatty, Alfred W. Swan, and Elsie V. Kline.

He is remembered on the University of Wisconsin-Madison School for Workers website.

A full obituary for Norris can be found on the Wisconsin State Journal websi

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