Our Children!

       Over the last few weeks, it has become painfully clear that people immigrating into the United States are being separated from their children at the border. The Attorney General of the United States has used a biblical text to try and justify separating families. However, if the words he quoted were used in context, it would have a different meaning. Even some of our more conservative brothers and sisters feel as though the text was used out of context.
       Joy Ickes, a nondenominational Christian Bible teacher living in San Antonio, said Sessions broke the first rule of Bible study: He took a verse out of its context.
       "Romans 13," she said, "comes after a chapter in which the Apostle Paul tells Christians how to live as Christians. He tells of the gifts Christians have been given and how to build up the church and the body of Christ, Ickes said, and how to live with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ."
       "Then, in Romans 13," she said, "Paul discusses how to live in a city under the rule of government. That rule of government comes second to God's law. The verse Sessions cited instructs people to obey the ruler God put over them (and theological debates occur over whether God has chosen rulers or whether he allows rulers in office)."
       "Really, Paul's point is: 'OK, wherever you're living, you're there for a reason'," Ickes said. "And as followers of Christ, you set the examples in how you obey the law and uphold the law."
       But God's law, Ickes said, is paramount. "And so the question we ask is: What is God's law?" she said. "All the way through the Bible, God's law is justice for the oppressed.""
       The two pictures above tell a story. The picture on the left is of children performing in worship this last Sunday. The picture on the right is an image taken by John Moore at the border. He knew he must photograph the moment to share the pain he was witnessing.
       Looking at the two photos, the question is, "Who are OUR children?" Do we only claim the children in the photo on the left, the children we know because they live in our midst; the children we celebrated in worship on Sunday? Or do we claim the children in both photos, and God's law is justice for the oppressed? If you're answer is to claim ALL of the children, please call your senators and representatives in Congress and let them know the children on the border are OUR children. Our faith doesn't suggest that we love our neighbor, our faith demands that we care for ALL of God's children. It is time, as Christians, to claim our faith, AND OUR CHILDREN.

~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 10:47 am in Featured Content.

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