Job: A Summer Series

Why Job? Job's story is the timeless story of what it's like to be human. Job can guide us as we seek to discern how to live in the world. Like Job, we live with blessing and curse, innocence and guilt, suffering and joy; appreciation for the gift of life and despair in the face of its ultimate inscrutability. As we navigate this life and our faith, we can use all the good guides we can find. Job shows us how to live with steadfast integrity and faithfulness even amid life's tumult and confusion. Why Job? Because the story of Job is a thrilling, challenging, and compelling account of the spiritual transformation that's possible as we find ourselves in-between the falling apart of the old world and the building up of the new. 
Week 1: A Tale of Two Jobs
Week 2: Job and His Friends
Week 3: Wisdom in an Information Age
Week 4: Enter Elihu
Week 5: The Voice From the Whirlwind
Week 6: The Restoration
            We hope you will take this opportunity to read, or re-read the book of Job. How might Job's story be similar to our stories? How is Job's story different than ours? How does Job handle the joys and challenges of life?
~ Eldonna & Ann

Posted on July 3, 2018 at 10:38 am in Featured Content.

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