One Great Hour of Sharing

Paul's letters remind us as members of the church, we are so closely connected, we can think of ourselves as parts of one body, as a family-brothers and sisters. Our church lives this out when someone is ill, mourning, or facing a crisis. We show up. We show that love in tangible
ways, with casseroles and cards, hugs, and spoken words of prayer. These acts of kindness let our brothers and sisters in Christ know that we are present with them. They know that they are not forgotten in their times of trouble. 
When you see the latest tragedy on the news, you might ask, "Where are you, God?" God is most tangibly present in this world where people hunger, thirst, lack adequate clothing and shelter, and are sick or imprisoned. Christ cares for people who suffer. Christ is present when we feed the hungry, care for the sick, and welcome the stranger. 
On March 26th the One Great Hour of Sharing offering helps us to reach out, not just to fellow Christians close to home, but to anyone in need, anywhere in the world-these are our sisters, our brothers, our children. Their needs might seem different than the people we worship with on Sunday, but our tangible gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing declare the same message: "I am here." By reaching out to those who suffer from natural disasters, war, or systemic poverty, we let them know they are not forgotten. 
Even when the need seems far from here, by acting together as the body of Christ, we are able to be there for members of Christ's family. We are there through providing well pumps for clean water, seeds and training for sustainable agriculture, and rice and oil to provide nourishment and cooking supplies. We are there through medical kits, school supplies, temporary shelters, and safe housing projects where needed most. Click here to watch the OGHS video message: One Great Hour of Sharing Video.
Board of Outreach has set a goal of $5000. As you consider your gift to our One Great Hour of Sharing offering, we ask you to think for one moment about what it would be like to not have a place to call home or water coming from a faucet, and then make your best gift. We are there through medical kits, school supplies, temporary shelters, and safe housing projects where needed most.
One Great Mile: WALK for WATER
Sunday, March 26, 2017 After Worship 11:15am 
Bring your milk bottle, sand pail or other container to church next Sunday, March 26th. Take it along on the One Great Mile: WALK for WATER. This will be a chance to experience what it's like to look for water when there is no running water close to home. Walk one mile around Camp Randall in solidarity with those who have to walk for their water every day. Along the way, learn more about One Great Hour of Sharing partnerships with organizations worldwide which provide access to clean water to help eradicate disease and transform communities. All ages welcome! Come to church early and make posters in the Narthex.

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