For All the Saints!

           On Sunday, October 30th, we will celebrate All Saints Sunday during our morning worship, but our preparation will begin THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23 and all are invited to participate. All Saints' Day invites us to look way back to the very early days of the Church and at people whose lives are an inspiration for us. It also invites us to remember those whom we love who have left us on this earth. It calls us to notice those in our midst who show us a brighter way to live. In some mysterious way we will gather with all those who have gone before, with those we love who live in different parts of the world, as well as with those in the room with us. From the earliest days, the church has taken this opportunity to celebrate and we are invited to join in the celebration. 
          Starting this Sunday, October 23rd, we hope you will begin to remember and celebrate the saints who have touched your life. We will do this in two ways. There will be a table on each side of the Sanctuary where you will be able to write the name of a loved one. Those banners will be raised on All Saints Sunday during the reading of the names. 
          We also invite you to bring a picture of a loved one, or an article from them, or anything that causes you to remember a saint in your life. There will be a table set up in front of the Communion Table for you to place your item before worship. It can be small, medium or large. All items are welcomed to help us embrace the important saints in our lives. These saints have taught us ways to live in significant and memorable ways in this world. These saints have helped to shape who were are, who the church is and how we should continue to live our lives on this earth. They are a great reminder to us of the value of faith, whatever form that faith takes in your life today. 
           Paraphrasing from Holy Women, Holy Men, "From its earliest days the Church has rejoiced to recognize and commemorate those faithful departed who were extraordinary or even heroic servants of God and of God's people for the sake and after the example of Jesus Christ. By this recognition and commemoration, their devoted service endures in the Spirit, even as their example and fellowship continue to nurture the Church on its way." 
            It is our hope these photos, articles or memories will bring a rich presence of the Spirit to our worship experience on that day. The memories will bring laughter, sadness, joy and pain. All of these emotions are honored and important. It is only when we acknowledge the presence of all the saints, and the emotions they elicit in our lives, we will be able to be fed and nurtured as we continue our journey of life on this earth. We hope you will take some time over the next two weeks to find something to share with the congregation as we move towards Sunday, October 30th.
Ringed by this cloud of witnesses divine, we feebly struggle, they in glory shine,
Yet in Your love our faithful lives entwine. Alleluia! Alleluia!

Posted on October 18, 2016 at 9:36 am in Featured Content.

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