Four to be Confirmed Sunday

Sunday, May 22nd we will celebrate the rite of Confirmation for four youth at First Congregational. These four students have explored the Bible with Director of Children and Youth, Jeff Rabe. They have experienced exile, parables, studied the Trinity, and the variety of ways we minister in the world today. After their studies, students make a choice to be confirmed into full membership of the church. In addition to their weekly homework, the students write a statement of faith and adorn a stole using symbols of the church. 
Please join us for Worship on Sunday when we will confirm Sarah Besteman, Lara Cramer, Ellis Ringle, and Jack Tupta. Take this opportunity to remind yourself of your own Confirmation and what it meant to you then, and now. 

Posted on May 17, 2016 at 10:19 am in Featured Content.

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