Gone Fishin'

In order to support our pastoral staff in their ability to provide effective leadership, FCUCC includes a provision for regular sabbaticals (three months of sabbatical for every five years of full-time service). The Executive Council was pleased to approve Eldonna's request for a month of sabbatical this summer, from June 20 to July 17, 2016. Though she had already earned three months of sabbatical by the time she was called as Senior Minister back in 2013, she had postponed using her accumulated leave until the church had a permanent Associate Pastor.
First Congregational UCC is committed to providing sabbaticals for the ministers of our congregation, provided that the minister requests approval at least six months in advance, and that she remains minister of the church for a year after taking sabbatical time. Sabbaticals are available to the pastor on top of her regular earned vacation time, and can be used for study, professional development, or for rest and spiritual renewal. 
In any case, when ministers are on sabbatical, they are expected to be away from the church. The Executive Council asks the membership to join us in honoring Eldonna's well-earned sabbatical time. Indeed, for the period of June 20-July 17, anyone emailing or calling Eldonna will receive an out-of-office message, and contacts will not be returned. During this time, the church office will remain open as usual, and Ann will be fielding requests for pastoral care, guidance and assistance.
Eldonna will return to the office Monday, July 18 to resume ministry. She asks us to keep her and her family in our prayers, as she will continue to keep the community in hers. We know she will return from sabbatical with renewed energy to lead FCUCC forward.
~ Lyn Macgregor, Moderator

Posted on June 14, 2016 at 10:09 am in Featured Content.

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