FAQ About the New Church Database

Q. I regularly attend Men's Fellowship. How do I add myself to that Group?
A. Congratulations! If you are at the point of adding yourself to church groups then you have got the hang of your new profile! To add yourself to any Group, simply click on the Group Name (Men's Fellowship as an example) from the Group's list (along left side of your Profile screen OR use the Search function (top right hand corner and type in the name of the group). Once you have clicked on the group you will be taken to the Group page. Click on the blue 'I'm Interested' button on the right side of the page. It will open a standard email form associated with your name. Type in your message 'Please add me to Men's Fellowship Group', click 'Send' and Realm will send your request to the Group Leader.
Q. What are Posts on the Group page?
A. There is a 'Posts' tab on every group page. It functions a little like Facebook as it is a place to post an update, remark or ask a question. When you post a comment on a group page, a notice is sent to the group roster. The advantage of using Posts is that a chain of conversation can be seen by the group roster on one screen. A good example for this would be if a Pew Warmers practice were cancelled. The Group Leader could make a post about the cancellation along with a reschedule date. Everyone on that roster would be able to see all of the replies at once, in one location.
If you have more questions, please come to the next round of database training on July 24. Details can be found in "Upcoming Events". 

Posted on June 28, 2016 at 10:15 am in Featured.

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