On November 27th a new Liturgical Art piece was installed for Advent at First Congregational. The art floats above the seats in the Sanctuary calling us to look UP and open ourselves to a new Advent season. This project started back in July, using a process taught to us by Nancy Chinn, a well-known liturgical artist in California.
The process began with a text chosen by the staff for the 2016 Advent season. The text chosen this year was Isaiah 9:2-7, and is read every week in worship by a member of the committee. In our meetings, the text was read over and over in different ways from different translations by the committee of eight members of the church. The culmination of the project into a form that can be presented in the large space at First Congregational takes many twists and turns and is a task that can be quite daunting. 
Members of the Liturgical Art committee include: Ann Beaty, Sean Hadfield, Marsha Hall, Linda Hancock, Kristin Kanitz, Spencer Noth-Hazen, and Jessica Taft. The process was facilitated by Eldonna Hazen. Thanks to the members of the committee who spent hours reading and listening to the text, who let the Spirit move in creative ways, so we might experience the sacred words in a new and powerful way. The installation has been titled HOPE SHIMMERS! Wait for the art to experience one more addition as we move closer to Christmas.
I hope you will listen carefully to the text each week as it is read, and then look up at the installation, letting the art lead you to a new understanding of how the words may be speaking to you. Please join the committee after worship on December 18th to hear about the process and how the installation evolved.
~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on December 8, 2016 at 10:53 am in Featured Content.

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