Sunday School Begins!

Sunday, September 11 marks the beginning of the Fall Semester of the Sunday School. Regular Sunday classes will again be offered for children age 3 (by Sept 1) through 6th Grade. Children participate in Worship with their families up until the Time With Children, after which they move on to their classes.
Pre-Kindergarten / Kindergarten students meet in Room 301. Children travel through the Bible during the school year hearing the stories of the Old and New Testaments and learn what they mean for them today. The class time is also filled with activities and play. We are still in need of a Lead Teacher for this class. This is only a once-a-month commitment and has a great support team and fun, user-friendly curriculum. If you're interested, please contact Jeff Rabe at the church office. 233.9751 x26 or
Grades 1 - 6 will explore our second year of the Learning Center Rotation Sunday School Model. Four different Learning Centers approach focus subjects from different perspectives to reach different learning and teaching styles. Each month has a focus subject and the students rotate through the different Learning Centers. 
The focus for September is Young Moses:
STUDIO* is a class that approaches the focus subject through art. As the children learn about Moses as a boy in September, they will be weaving a basket. Art projects are then displayed in a Student Exhibit in January. 
CINEMA uses movies and movie clips to share the story. In September, portions of the animated feature "The Prince of Egypt" will be viewed and discussed in a classroom designed as an actual movie theater. Popcorn and juice boxes add to the atmosphere.
LAB* is run more like a traditional Sunday School classroom with reading bible stories and discussions that relate the subject to their lives today. Each lesson also includes a physical activity to help with those who are more kinetic learners.
MUSIC is a learning center lead by our Director of Music Ministry, Don DeBruin. Each month students learn songs relating to the focus subject. The Sunday School Singers then sing their song in Worship on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Kids also make preparations for upcoming events such as the Christmas Pageant and Children/Youth Sunday.
*We are in need of a Lead Teacher in the STUDIO and LAB learning centers. This is only a once-a-month commitment. If you're interested, please contact Jeff Rabe at the church office. 

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