Celebrating 175 Years

In 1924, 75 percent of the congregation and all UW students lived well to the west of our West Washington Avenue church, and this strongly influenced the decision to acquire lots at University Avenue and Breese Terrace for our new home. The groundbreaking in September 1928 was during a national period of prosperity. Building construction continued despite the stock market crash just over a year later, and our new church with its 1,400-seat Sanctuary was dedicated in January 1930. 

Groundbreaking on Breese Terrace in September 1928. Third, fourth and fifth from left: Rev. Robbins Barstow, minister; Margery Bridgman (age 9), representing the Sunday School, and H. A. Miner (age 99), relative of a former minister.  Bridgman and Miner turned over the first spade of earth.

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