Thanksgiving Meal Follow-Up

The Board of Outreach wishes to thank everyone who helped create another successful Thanksgiving meal. Every contribution of time, food, donations and encouragement was greatly appreciated.
We served 363 meals in the dining room, delivered 330 meals and had 75 take-out meals for a total of 768 meals. (Last year we provided a total of 642 meals.)
From Tuesday through Thursday, there were about 250 volunteers who helped clean, prepare food at the church and serve, host, deliver meals, etc. That does not include all of the additional people who donated food, supplies and money, cooked pies and baked turkeys.
Over 100 packages (not pairs) of men's underwear were also collected for the Prison Ministry Project.
THANK YOU! We are truly blessed to be part of a such a caring community.

Posted on December 1, 2015 at 11:44 am in Featured.

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