Honoring our Visitors, and Enhancing our Worship Experience

In an effort to provide the best worship-filled experience for our entire community, the implementation of the new order of worship will begin Sunday, May 3. The changes will be very slight, but hopefully helpful.  Worship will begin with a short Welcome, followed by the Prelude, Introit,  and then the Call to Worship. After the Call to Worship we will have the Passing of the Peace.  There will be a set amount of time for the exchange of peace before the organ begins the hymn. The beginning of the hymn should signal the close of the passing of the peace. The announcements will be incorporated into worship just prior to the prayers. This is when we can make announcements about our church community and ask that we pray for the events or individuals. 

Additionally, our worship experience is an important part of how we extend our welcome to visitors.  Please take time to look around and greet people who might be visiting, rather than people you see regularly and will have an opportunity to talk with another time. I also encourage you to introduce yourself to new people after worship. The best way to keep people returning is if they immediately feel part of the community.

It is important for us to continually evaluate how to better our worship experience, and to make sure our visitors feel welcome. Thanks, in advance for your willingness to be open to making some minor adjustments.  Thanks for honoring our visitors and hopefully enhancing our worship experience.            

~ Eldonna Hazen


Posted on April 21, 2015 at 10:55 am in Featured.

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