Space Utilization Committee Recommendations

This past Sunday after worship the Space Utilization Committee of the Reach & Renew campaign presented to the congregation its recommendations for use of Reach & Renew funds, along with estimated costs. Here are their recommendations, in order of suggested priority. For more details, and for copies of reports and presentations, please see the Reach & Renew section on our website.


Relocate Office Space – Approximate cost: $220,000

Move Sr. Minister’s office to current Learning Resource Center (2nd Floor off Elevator)                                                                                                                                                                                             

Convert the current print room (2 stories tall) into: Associate Minister’s office (2nd Floor) and Sunday School workroom (3rd Floor)

Move church office to current caretaker apartment, near parking lot entrance

Move caretaker apartment to current Sr. Minister’s office

Move nursery to current church office

Restrooms (outside current caretaker apartment and Learning Resource Center) converted to accessible/unisex-family

Prison Ministry office would relocate to current Associate’s office


Breese Terrace Steps

The steps and stonework at the base of the pillars are in dire need of repair, with rain and snow leaking into the basement of the church. Three options were discussed, ranging from:

Remove and replace concrete steps as is – $55,000

Remove and replace concrete steps and incorporate new ramp – $110,000

Remove and replace concrete steps and incorporate new ramp and outdoor patio area – $150,000

The committee recommends the 3rd option.

Chapel, Student Lounge, Pink Kitchen Remodel and Updates – Approximate cost: $140,000

The objectives for these modifications and enhancements would be to create flexible and multipurpose spaces, allowing for increased community use, including potential revenue. The Chapel & Student Lounge would have flexible seating and movable tables. New carpeting would be installed, possibly adding a labyrinth in the Chapel. We would update lighting and repaint (retaining our Mayflower Compact and stenciling), as well as install air conditioning and a media system (projector, screen, sound) in the chapel to support worship, meetings, classes, and presentations.

The Student Lounge fireplace would be converted to gas. The Pink Kitchen would be updated for more efficient use of space, as well as possible expansion.

Lathrop Entrance Remodel and Updates

The goal of this work would be to create a more welcoming entry to our church, by opening up the ramp and stairs from elevator lobby to garden entry to provide more continuity of space and light. Approximate cost: $20,000

Additional work could provide a new vestibule addition. – Approximate cost: $120,000

Mark your calendars for upcoming dates in our Reach & Renew discussions!

June 15 9:00am – Mission & Membership Renewal – In the Chapel

July – TBD – Additional input from congregation & information gathering

August – Executive Council develops proposal for allocations

September – Congregational vote on proposal(s)



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