Seeing Your Building as Ministry

When people arrive at your doorstep, what impression do you want them to have of your home? Or an even more important question might be, when people arrive at your doorstep, what impression does your home give to your visitors? What does your home say about you?

The same holds true for your church home. What impression does your church building give to visitors, potential new members, or even people walking down the sidewalk? These are the very points that will be discussed at the Saturday, April 6th Seeing Your Building as Ministry workshop held from 1:00–3:30pm in the Dining Room. Susan Eaton Mendenhall, founder of the firm “Spatial Impact: Interpreting the Language of Space”, will be leading the workshop. Susan will guide participants to look at our building as a ministry partner, revealing the ways it enhances or discourages ministry from happening.

Some areas Susan will explore include:

Outside Appearance: Looking at the structure, walkways, steps and railings. Are shrubs trimmed, grass cut, weeds pulled, and trees healthy? Is the church sign current – inviting to read and view?

Entryways: Entryways need to allow enough space for people to move and breathe. Are entrances cluttered with brochures, posters, coat racks and snow shovels? Like the entrance to your home, what do the entrances to our building tell visitors?

Restrooms: Are restrooms accessible and spacious? Are they clean and well stocked?

Décor: Décor found as artwork, window treatments, furniture, lighting, wall treatments, banners, signs, color, etc. help to frame and shape a person’s experience. What does the decor at First Congregational Church say?

Consider being a part of this valuable learning experience. The workshop is open to all those interested. To assist with meeting preparations, please let the church office know by Wednesday, April 3 if you plan to attend.

~ Jeff Rabe


Posted on March 26, 2013 at 10:50 am in Featured Content.

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