Prayer Shawls and General Synod Scarves

Many of you have been knitting and crocheting away making shawls and scarves. The prayer shawls are used for baptisms, and people who just need a prayer lift. The scarves are a project organized by the UCC Coalition for LGBT. We will be dedicating shawls and scarves at our May 12 service. Following the dedication, the scarves will be sent to Long Beach for the General Synod. If you have shawls and scarves completed, please drop them off at the office. If you are in the middle of the project, let this be your encouragement to finish it up for dedication. Both of these projects are great ministries, the shawls locally, and the scarves, part of a national project for the UCC. For more information about the scarves, visit The Coalition is hoping to have enough scarves to present one scarf to each delegate and each visitor, for a commitment to help stop bullying.


Posted on March 26, 2013 at 10:30 am in Featured.

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