An Unexpected Reality Occured!

Last Sunday, for reasons of safety, we chose to cancel our worship services and Christmas pageant. We do live in Wisconsin, we know we have unfavorable weather in the winter – and it IS winter.  But it is always unexpected and a little disconcerting when we are not able to continue our Sunday routine, especially when it is the Sunday before Christmas. We were anxious to be together. We wanted to know what was in the box. We wanted to see the final installation of the liturgical art. We were excited to see and hear our young members remind us of the story of Christmas. We missed the opportunity to be together with respite from commercialized Christmas. We wanted to be with our friends and not rushing around in the malls and grocery stores. We wanted breathing room. Instead we shoveled snow, maybe got some last minute preparations done, and maybe played games and frolicked in the snow. Don’t get me wrong, I shoveled snow and enjoyed some wonderful family time. But I also missed the chance to be with my church family. I missed being able to worship in a space dedicated to hearing and experiencing the birth of Jesus, when the loud noises of “buy me, buy me, buy me,” are so loud in the world

If you had any of these kinds of responses to missing worship, I hope you will take a few minutes to yourself or with family, to focus on the birth of Jesus. Make an extra effort to join us for one of the two Christmas Eve services (5:00pm or 9:00pm), and let Jesus’ birth seep into your body. I have also attached my sermon prepared for Sunday, if you choose to read, titled “Are you ready for Christmas.” 

May you feel God’s presence during this blessed time and throughout the year. 

~ Eldonna


Posted on December 24, 2013 at 12:30 pm in Featured Content.

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