Now more than ever!


Over the past six years, with the financial support of this church, The Prison Ministry project has taken more than 100 volunteers inside the walls of Wisconsin prisons.  Collectively, those volunteers--many of them your friends and neighbors in this church--have been inside the walls more than 2000 times. This is the most visible part of what we do.

But in addition to our work inside the walls, this church also supports people struggling to reenter the community after they are released from prison. We give nearly $4000 a year to Porchlight, Voice Beyond Bars and other community groups to provide shelter, food and even tuition assistance for individuals, and their families, who face these enormous challenges. First Congregational is also in the community with our Adults Only Worship Service and our support group for people with loved ones in prison.

As we respond to the Gospel we find that there is always more work to do. Now more than ever, we can come together to support good work with our time, talent, and financial resources. Stewardship Sunday is November 18! Thanks be to God.


Posted on October 16, 2012 at 10:43 am in Featured.

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