Sharing our meal in Community


How can we eat our bread when we know there are others who are hungry?

How can we drink our juice when we think of our brothers and sisters whose mouths are parched for lack of clean water?  How can we eat our meal in the comfort of our home when we know many who do not have a home to spend the day/night?

November and December are two months of the year when many of us celebrate with our community. We share meals with our family, we share meals with our co-workers, and we share meals with our neighbors who have become our extended family. At First Congregational, this is also a time when we have an opportunity to share meals with a community we may not know. By sharing these meals, we might just add to our community.

Saturday, November 10th, the Outreach board organized a meal served to homeless men at Grace Episcopal Church. Preparing the meal was one part of being in mission. The more essential part was meeting our neighbors and serving the meal. While we served supper, we felt good to be there and serve the men who came. Thanks to the many volunteers from First Congregational UCC who donated quite a bit of food, and the Outreach members who served the meal. It felt like a worthwhile commitment of caring for our neighbors. We served about 70 men who were polite and friendly. A meal shared in community.

Thursday, November 22nd, we will serve several hundred meals to people in the Madison area. The Outreach board has spent months organizing this meal and with the help of over a 100 volunteers, a meal will be shared in community.

Sunday, December 2nd, we will celebrate the Sacrament of Communion in worship. We will share bread and juice, reminding us of Jesus sacrifice for each of us. We will, as community, eat and drink together.

Thursday, December 7th, several members of First Congregational will serve our community at Luke House. They will share their talents, they will see people who have become friends and they will meet new members of the community.

Saturday, December 22nd, First Congregational will offer a new worship experience to our community, focusing on how the holidays can be a challenging time. We will begin this worship by sharing a meal together. At a time when we might feel short on community, we hope this will provide a place to share a meal and a hand of friendship.

We encourage you to take part in as many of these meals as possible. Share a meal in community, meet a new friend, extend a hand of warmth and feel God’s love flowing in new and exciting ways!

God who makes all things new, we thank You for letting us come as we are and share in a meal.

We know that we are what we eat, and, having taken into ourselves the body and blood of Jesus, we gain His power, His healing abilities, His commitment to justice for all people. Help all of us to work together as different parts of the body of Christ—hands, eyes, voice, and conscience—to carry on Christ’s work and witness and worship.  Amen.

Adapted from Molly Phinney Baskette


Posted on November 20, 2012 at 11:45 am in Featured Content.

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