Now more than ever!


Even though Stewardship has a “push” in the fall of the year, the church practices stewardship year around.  Stewardship is making the best use of the money, time and talents of the staff and the individual members of the church. The ministry of the church is dependent upon good organization of all of our resources. We must use our resources to prepare a thoughtful and moving experience in worship; well-led programming for adult education; visitation and care of our members who are having challenges, whether they be health (mental or physical), job, financial or family crises; welcoming outside groups and activities; providing a safe and friendly environment for our families; or supporting members of the Madison community with our discretionary parish fund.

Many of us struggle being able to help someone we see holding a sign on the street or sleeping in an alley. It is comforting to know that we are able to help people we don’t know and that the ministers take seriously the charge to assist when and how we are able to help with our funds. It gives many members peace to know the money they give to the church touches the lives of people outside our doors.

Now more than ever we have the opportunity to give to a church that supports its members, the wider community of Madison and the communities beyond our state. An investment in First Congregational UCC allows your money, time and talents to work together with other people’s gifts to make an even bigger difference in the world!


Posted on November 13, 2012 at 12:21 pm in Featured and Stewardship.

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