One Great Hour of Sharing April 3

Event Date: 
Sunday, April 3, 2011 - 10:15am - 7:00pm

We hear a lot about international disaster relief and recovery, like creating community centers in Darfur, campaigns to create purified water in the Dominican Republic, earthquake relief in Chile and Haiti, but what are some of the aid and recovery efforts in our country? National Disaster Ministries of the UCC works together with the Church World Service Emergency Response Program.
*Hurricane Katrina: after 5 years, hundreds of people still live in FEMA trailers.
*Hurricane Ike, Galveston, Texas: rebuilding homes
*West Virginia floods: helping rebuild homes
*Gulf Coast area cleanup after the BP oil spill
*Milwaukee, WI floods in 2010: first responders delivered 1500-1700 cleanup and personal care kits!
Envelopes will be in the Sunday Worship Bulletin for your donation. If you are unable to attend worship please send your donation to the church office.

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