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The Tower: April 3, 2011

This week's Tower includes the April Calendar/birthday list, as well as an Easter lily order form.

News: Teachers and Education

              You can read such interesting things in the newspaper. On Thursday, March 17, there were two articles in the “A” section of the Wisconsin State Journal that caught my eye. One was entitled simply “Collective Bargaining Q & A.” It was an article describing the effects of the Collective Bargaining law passed so quickly by the legislature and signed by the Governor a couple of weeks ago. The article was formatted as a series of questions and answers about what was in the law and how it would affect various people. It is what we have understood. Public employees will have to pay more for health insurance and pensions. Their collective bargaining rights are taken away except for the right to bargain about wages, and that is capped at any increase in the cost of living. This is going to make various differences for various different kinds of public employees, but it is likely to take away about 8-10% of a teacher’s purchasing power based on her/his individual salary. For beginning teachers it will be a larger loss; for long-time teachers, it will be a little less. That’s a pretty significant cost for teachers.

The Tower: March 27, 2011

News: Executive Council Action

At its regularly scheduled meeting on February 21, the Executive Council of the church discussed, voted on, and passed unanimously the following resolution. While in one sense the events of the day have overrun this action (the legislature passed and the Governor signed a bill taking away collective bargaining rights for public employees), this is going to be an issue in Wisconsin for some time to come. By this action, the Executive Council has placed itself on the side of the workers. It has also reaffirmed that discussion and negotiation, rather than dictating answers on behalf of one side, are the proper ways of solving the kinds of problems that Wisconsin faces.