Hymn #544: If I Have Been the Source of Pain, O God

            C. Maud Battersby (19th-20th centuries) was the author of the gospel hymn “If I have Wounded Any Soul Today,” which appears here both in a Spanish translation by Sara M. de Hall and in an English translation from the Spanish version by Janet W. May.

            C. Maud Battersby’s original hymn on which this version is based can be found the New National Baptist Hymnal (1977) under the title “An Evening Prayer” and set with a popular gospel tune by Charles H. Gabriel.

            Pablo D. Sosa (b. 1933) composed the tune CAMACUA as a new setting for an old gospel song that had been translated into Spanish by Sara M. de Hall.  Sosa’s modal melody has received widespread use no only in South America but also among Hispanic Christians around the world.

           Pablo Sosa is a leading Argentinean composer and conductor.  He was co-leader of music for the Sixth Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Vancouver, Canada, in 1983 and has held workshops on Hispanic religious folk music around the world.