LGBT & Allies

In 1992, First Congregational UCC was one of Madison's first faith communities to adopt a formal statement welcoming and affirming ALL people, regardless of sexual orientation. Read our Open and Affirming Statement.

We invite and welcome all persons without regard to sexual orientation/gender expression to join us in our journey of life and faith and to seek to covenant to be responsible to God and to one another.

2010 Madison Pride Parade - First Congo Members

Rainbow People

Members of First Congregational Church's Rainbow People  who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) folk and their friends.  We meet monthly  following the second Sunday worship service. This group plans the annual Open and Affirming worship service the second Sunday in October each year. We actively work to help the congregation stay aware of issues affecting the LGBT community.

Support for LGBT Families

Church pastors have officiated at several same-gender union ceremonies, both in our sanctuary and at other locations. Children of lesbian and gay couples have been baptized and otherwise welcomed into our household of faith.

First Congregational opposes the Marriage Amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution. Read Senior Minister, Curt Anderson's biblical and theological Reflections on the Marriage Amendment.

Interfaith Worship

In 1992, a First Congregational UCC member helped establish "Coming Out--Coming Together" in Madison, and members of our church continue their support of this group. Coming Out--Coming Together is an interfaith coalition that holds interfaith worship services, provides support for other congregations considering adoption of a formal welcoming statement to people of all sexual orientations, and encourages participation by religious groups in gay pride events.

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