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Executive Council

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Ellsworth Brown Moderator-Elect Ruth Benedict
 Email Clerk  Pam Asquith  Email Treasurer  Paul Karch
Historian Leslie Johnson    
Member-at-Large Marlene Duffield Member-at-Large Barbara Arnold
Member-at-Large Hanns Kuttner Member-at-Large Paul Lorentz


Boards and Board Members

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Emily Cochran *Jenn Hackel Bob Metz
Bill Tishler Jason Bittner Liz Severson
James Candler Laurie Dennis *Brenda Burke
Sean Hadfield *Melissa Baumann Susan Shands
Diane Brockley-Drinkman Erika Hagen Diane Paoni
Jenny Camponeschi Dana Parker Liz Ringle
*Sarah Kissler Lucy Brewoo Holden Ringle
  Ted Halsted Bill Stephen
  Julie Kramer  
 Email Outreach   Email Property Management   Email Stewardship 
Christy McKenzie Justin Hicks Susan Fischer
Jeanne Tyler Zach Frush *Paul Karch
Kayleigh Hughes Karen Bennett *Matt Flowers
Laura Stephenson Tom Syring Bill Hanna
*Liz Falendysz Devin Duffield Jessica Taft
Alison Pharo *Cindy Graham Terry Callaghan
Gary Pine Cloo Stevenson Anne Karch
Ruth Benedict   Marlene Duffield
    Patrick Cochran
* Denotes Chair    

Christian Education
The Board of Christian Education oversees educational programs for children, youth and adults. Church School, confirmation classes, the Advent Workshop, the Fall Festival, after-worship educational offerings, and the fall and spring Gatherings are some of these programs. The Board works closely with the Director of Christian Education and Youth, and helps recruit for long or short-term participation in Sunday School activities, the Learning Resource Center , and help with Vacation Bible School. The Board provides leadership on the Adult Education Committee of the church.

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Community Life
The Community Life Board creates links between old and young, as well as new and longtime members. Board members attend new member classes and are encouraged to mentor new members as they begin to learn their way around First Congo. The Board assists others to start small groups related to particular interests. Members serve on the Adult Education Committee.

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The Board of Deacons helps guide the spiritual life of the church. Working closely with the Director of Music Ministries and the Senior Minister, this Board oversees worship, membership, publicity, and the sound system, and provides in care for the church's seminary students. Deacons are responsible for readers, ushers, coordinating new member desserts, decorating the sanctuary for Christmas and overseeing the photo directories. Board members help serve communion during worship on the first Sunday of each month, and administer communion to homebound members.

Read Bob Metz's Remarks on the rewards of serving on the Board of Deacons.


The Board of Outreach exists to help the most vulnerable in society. It does this by educating the congregation about outreach opportunities; empowering church members to participate in mission and social justice activities; organizing the community Thanksgiving dinner and other social action events; researching and responding to outside organizations’ requests for funding; and coordinating annual special offerings.


Property Management
The Property Management Board is in charge of the maintenance of our church building and grounds. Ongoing responsibilities include property upkeep, and renegotiating the leases for University Avenue Discovery Center, Great Beginnings, and the Orion House for Boys. The Board works closely with the Building Manager to organize and identify special projects and ongoing building concerns.

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The Board of Stewardship is responsible for the financial concerns of the church. Tasks include stewardship education, budget development, and monthly review of receipts, expenses, and cash flow. The Executive Council relies on the Stewardship Board to make recommendations regarding use of church funds, including funding for special projects. The Board is also responsible for the annual stewardship campaign.

Read Lance Bentley's Remarks on the rewards of serving on the Stewardship Board.

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