Celebrate Accessibility Sunday

Each Sunday we begin worship with the phrase, "Whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here." This is a beautiful phrase, but the beauty of the phrase is the way First Congregational tries to live out the words of the phrase with action. 9 years ago, an Accessibility Committee was formed in the church. This committee is committed to making the church's physical plant, programming, and worship accessible to all.
Each year we take one Sunday to celebrate the work that has been suggested by the Accessibility Committee and completed by the congregation. But we also use this opportunity to focus on a ministry of the church and challenge ourselves to widen the circle of the church just a bit more. This year the focus is on the variety of ways we experience, provide care, and respond to those around us who are affected by dementia. Earlier in the year, a workshop was offered on interacting with, and being attentive to, those who deal with dementia. Over 40 people attend those workshops. We have now done enough of the required work, and have more in place, that we will be named by the Dane County Aging and Disability Resource Center, as a Dementia Friendly Church.
This Sunday in Worship, we will hear from members who have or are now caring for, someone who is living with dementia. There are many challenges to the person affected, but there are also many challenges to the caregiver, spouse, children, or other relative of the person living with dementia. Five members will share Stories from the Heart, with humor, sadness, and frustration, but all shared with love.
We give thanks for the many members who have served on the Accessibility Committee over the years! They continue to stay laser-focused on how we can continue to better serve the wide variety of God's children. I hope you will take the time to thank the people who currently serve on the Accessibility Committee and those who attend the Caregiver Support Group. It is their experiences and their commitment to provide a level playing field, that makes our church stronger, both for its members and for those who visit our sacred spaces.

~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on September 25, 2018 at 10:09 am in Featured Content.

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