Scrip Making a Difference Every Month!

The Stewardship Board wants you to have the data that shows that our everyday purchases using the Scrip program are making a difference year round. In April 2018, First Congregational realized $430.85 net from members using Scrip Wallet as well as the sale of physical cards in the Narthex after worship. (Cards are also available from the Office during regular hours.) Our use of Scrip will realize approximately $6000 annually for the work of the church.
The end of the school year is right around the corner and parents may be looking for a little something to give to teachers as thank you gifts. We have a limited supply of $10 Target cards available to sell after worship which can help scratch one item off of your To-Do list! Of course we will also have the usual Target cards, Panera cards, Kwik Trip, Home Depot and oh so many more, available every Sunday.
So for those of you who are regular purchasers of Scrip cards or using Scrip Wallet, THANK YOU! If this concept is still fuzzy to you, please stop by and talk with us after worship some Sunday and let us explain how some of your regular shopping can benefit First Congregational's work in the world. And/or, go to the Scrip website which provides an overview of the program;

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 3:03 pm in Featured.

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