A Chance to be Neighborly!

Sunday, June 3, First Congregational will host a Neighborhood Party. You have probably already seen the signs around the neighborhood. Several years ago we started this tradition to extend an extravagant welcome to our neighbors to come and meet us, and learn who we are and what we do in the city. The first year we focused on the Regent neighborhood, inviting our geographically close neighbors. Last year we expanded our invitation to the families and staff from the University Avenue Discovery Center. This year, I would like the congregation to take this Sunday as an opportunity to invite one or more of your neighbors or friends to worship with us, and stay for the lunch and activities.
This is a perfect chance to let your neighbors and friends know what you do on Sunday morning when you drive from your neighborhood to a different place in the city. None of us would hesitate to tell others about a movie we saw, a game we attended, a new restaurant, or even a program at another church. Why do we get so shy in sharing what we do on Sunday mornings, or invite others to worship with us?
When I owned and operated a restaurant, one of the reviews written about the restaurant included the phrase, "one of the best kept secrets in Lincoln!" Actually, we didn't want to be a secret! We wanted to be busy so we could pay the bills. First Congregational doesn't want to be a secret either. Let's all take a step outside our comfort zone or our shy side on Sunday, June 3. We all have plenty of time to invite someone to join us - and it will be FUN!
~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on May 8, 2018 at 12:21 pm in Featured Content.

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