LISTENING to the Honorable Everett Mitchell

Of all the experiences he's had as a lawyer, perhaps one of the most life-changing was that of
working as a pro bono attorney. "Sometimes people need to be given hope, and that hope
requires some of us to make the sacrifice to be present with them," Judge Mitchell said. "So I
started this four-year pro bono journey, representing families, children, fathers and mothers,
grandmothers, activists, the incarcerated, homeless, the mentally ill," with the goal of ensuring
that the community sees the justice system as just.
"It was through these cases that I learned to witness and experience the system through the
eyes of countless moments of inequality, and too many moments of disrespect."
A quote from Inside Track, a publication of the State Bar of Wisconsin, April 2017
Please join us Wednesday, March 14th at 7:00pm
Christ the Solid Rock Church
1502 Parkside Dr
For another Lenten Listening Opportunity
We give thanks to Rev. Mitchell and Christ the Solid Rock Church for hosting us!
Contact Ann at if you would like carpool from church.

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