Holy Week Approaches

This Sunday, March 25th at 8:45am in the Chapel, we will take the opportunity to process what we have heard during our Lenten Listening opportunities.  The focus will be specifically related to our listening sessions with the Rev. Dr. Stephen Ray, Jr. and the Honorable Everett Mitchell.  But I also hope each of us might be paying attention to the voices relating to White Privilege we hear within our own community and beyond.
As you start to think about what you have heard during the season of Lent, I would ask you to begin to think about what you have heard using the context of Holy Week.  Our processing time together will be led by the events of Holy Week.  These are the questions that will lead our discussion time together:
Palm Sunday
What do we have to celebrate as we enter the room today?
Maundy Thursday
Who are we sharing meals with?
Who will betray?
Who will be betrayed?
Good Friday
Who is suffering?
Who is being crucified?
Who is standing by observing?
Easter Sunday
What will be celebrated today?
Where can new life be found?
What would a resurrection look like today?
How might looking at White Privilege through the lens of Holy Week give us a new understanding or appreciation for our Lenten Listening?  I hope you will join us for what is sure to be great conversation. 
                                                                                                                                               Eldonna Hazen

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