An Evening with Rev. Dr. Stephen Ray, Jr

I've devoted my entire ministry to trying to break the bondage of the church to white supremacy because I believe that the gospel is the most powerful force in the world. So, as a consequence, it is most important to me that that not be muted by the workings of social and cultural supremacy. I come to this conversation as someone who is interested in creating a new and different kind of future, both for my child, and for all children.
~Rev. Dr. Stephen Ray, Jr. in "White Privilege; Let's Talk."
Thanks to a generous gift given for Adult Education in our church, we are pleased to host this evening of listening and learning. Dr. Ray, Jr. was one of the authors that helped guide our Sacred Conversation on Race last year while using the White Privilege: Let's Talk curriculum. He appeared in the webinars we watched in class. His knowledge of black history and theology helped guide our conversations and brought new understanding to us. When the curriculum was written, Dr. Ray, Jr. was a professor of systematic theology at Garrett- vangelical Seminary. In January 2018, he was appointed as the President of Chicago Theological Seminary. Whether or not you participated in the classes, please plan to join us for this great opportunity to LISTEN, and learn!

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 12:32 pm in Featured Content.

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