Wisconsin Annual Conference 2018

Wow! The Wisconsin Conference Meeting was a profound, inspiring time, centered around White Privilege. The Rev. Karl Kuhn, professor of religion at Lakeland University, led us in bible study on Mark 4. Rev. Traci Blackmon, Executive Minister of Justice and Local Church Ministries, preached on Mark 4 (Jesus, asleep in the boat with panicked disciples). She stressed how Jesus was leading the disciples to face new challengers on the other troubled shore; "the other people." The disciples were perhaps frightened by their fears of people different from themselves. With Jesus we can face others different from ourselves. We are called to personally change as we face racial disparities and issues in our world.
Bryan Sirchio, a nationally known musician from Madison and Rev. Bryan Johnson, Executive Director of Sacred Music at Trinity UCC in Chicago, led us in inspiring and original music. Rev. Johnson led us through the history of African-American music. We had many small groups dealing with topics from "courage to cast out fear" to Discipleship walk, to exploring Lay Academy.
Changes to the United Church of Christ By-laws were approved with Jeanne Tyler making a principled objection related to disabilities. Franz Rigert was voted to a second 4 year term as Conference Minister and the budget was approved. The Conference voted to ask the approval of 60 congregations to study The Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery. The Doctrine of Discovery has disparaged Native American Rights. Next year we will vote on this as a resolution. Hanns Kuttner was elected to the Budget and Finance Committee of the Conference. Many First Congregational UCC members attended: Eldonna Hazen, Ann Beaty, Jerry Hancock, Jeff Rabe, Don DeBruin, Janet Pugh, Tom Pugh, Jessica Taft, Laura Pine, Paul Karch, Wayne Shannon, and Rich Fluechtling. Closing worship was particularity powerful as the 3 Associate Conference Ministers shared personal stories of White Privilege. The annual meeting was powerful, original, community gathering, and a mountain top experience of our church year.
~Jeanne Tyler, John Tyler-Delegates

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 10:33 am in Featured Content.

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