Groups on Realm

Are you interested in social justice issues? Do you want to meet other parents of young children in our church? How about connecting with others who are in caregiving situations with loved ones? Are you interested in knowing about upcoming educational classes?
Our church offers many groups and classes for people with different interests and needs. All of these groups can be accessed through Realm (our on-line directory). Joining groups that interest you doesn't mean you are inundated with messages and information, but it does mean you will find out what is going on in that particular area of the church without missing an announcement in the Tower or bulletin. To find groups, go to your Realm profile page, and choose "Groups" on the left side of your screen. Under groups, select "Find Groups." Once you have identified a group you wish to join, click on "Join Group" and your request will be sent to the appropriate staff administrator. If you have not activated your Realm profile, email Ann and we can get you connected!

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 10:50 am in Featured.

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