Versatility of the Renovated Chapel

If there is anyone who is still wondering if the church made the right decision about renovating the Chapel space, let me review what has happened in the space over the last month.
          *Sunday, July 1st and Wednesday, July 18th, the labyrinth was available for spiritual practice.
          *Saturday, July 14th, we hosted the Fuller Center bike group, and some of the bikers were seen walking the labyrinth, and just "hanging out" in the space.
          *Sunday, July 15th the Chapel was used for the Rilke spiritual practice class.
          *Sunday July 15th, Summer Sunday School used the labyrinth for the WAYZ 2 PRAYZ series.
          *Sunday, July 15th was the opening Sunday of the art installation The Gift of Joy by Christina Schoenwetter, which will be on exhibit until mid-September.
          *Saturday, July 21st, the space was used for the memorial service of Barbara Williams, including the use of the projection equipment and amplification,                                      and the hearing loop.
          *Finally, Saturday, July 22nd, it became a gigantic bedroom for 26 youth from Evangelical United Church of Christ in Godfrey, IL. Some of the youth were                                  overheard saying it was the best night's sleep they had had in a week. The air conditioning was greatly appreciated by the groups and                                            individuals using the space. These are the events of ONE month.  
Very few of these events could have taken place in the space prior to renovation. Let us give thanks for the generosity of the members of this congregation who could imagine the transformation and made commitments to make it become reality. I hope every time you are in the renovated spaces, you will take a moment to give thanks!
~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on July 24, 2018 at 10:51 am in Featured Content.

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