What Makes Us so "Special?"

Frequently in these generosity moments we are led through reflections on just how special our ministry is here on Old University. It is special in its edifice now a brilliant white beacon and icon-rivaling our Breese Terrace neighbor across the street! It is special in its imaginative programs for children and challenging programs for adults. It is special in its worship practice and spiritual grounding. It is special in its dedication to matters of social justice and human dignity. And especially, it is special in the ties that bind us in community right here doing and thinking new stuff on Old University. 
Now look at your bulletin insert for today-pick it up if you have dropped it. Special does not fall from the sky like manna. Special does not derive from a secret meeting with Jesus on a high mountain-though it might help. What is special here is directly the result of special efforts of members of this congregation whose dedicated involvement with boards and committees makes this institution strong. 
Boards and committees?? A collective groan.
I had a job once that involved a gazillion committee meetings. I cannot say that I brought a generosity of spirit to every one, but taken as a whole they were essential to the strength of a complex institution. Here on Old University our will to live in communion derives not from the obligations of a paycheck, but from our commitment as a whole. These very boards and committees are not only holding this body together but are taking it forward. If you are asked to such service consider it the honor that it is. If you put your name forward on this insert consider it the privilege that it is. Special-that is everyone here. 
Look to the right, the left, ahead and behind and you will see people who have brought their commitment and their energy to the Board table to make real this special place. You might thank them by joining them-for the first time or for renewed engagement.
Now you can return to the bulletin insert - you found it--and add your special name. Place it in the plate next Sunday, give it to Sue Jones, Jessica Flowers, Mari McCarty, or Faye Whitaker, or drop off at the church office at your convenience. (access bulletin insert here)
This message was brought to you by the Nominating Committee and we stand by the whole thing-every word.

Posted on February 28, 2018 at 1:14 pm in Featured Content.

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