Sunday School Kicks Off September 9!

Many thanks go out to the adults who gave of their time and talents to make the Summer Sunday School program a success! The Summer Theme of WAYZ 2 PRAYZ took the children on several different paths to explore ways people pray to, and praise God. Praying and Praising through service, students made cards for residents of an area nursing home and baked cookies for those in our community who are homeless. Children learned about pilgrimages and journeys to find God by walking the Labyrinth. Using drums, students experienced 'making a joyful noise' as part of an ensemble or community. Offering praise was also shared through movement and dance. The Summer program wrapped up with the children experiencing the mysteries of the call of God, through an art project that took an unexpected turn.
As the Summer comes steaming to a close, preparations are well under way for the kickoff of the Fall Semester of Sunday School. A fully staffed Education Team of adults and youth helpers are ready to get started! The Sunday School at First Cong, which offers classes to children age 3 to grade 6, uses a Learning Center Rotation Model for those in Grades 1-6. Four different Centers offer the lessons in different ways in an effort to reach different learning styles. CINEMA class uses movies to enhance the story. STUDIO class offers students different mediums of the visual arts to help them express what they've learned. LAB class, with more of a traditional approach, allows students to dig deeper into the Bible stories, and reinforces them with kinetic exercises. MUSIC class uses songs related to the subject matter, and gives students a time to prepare music for special worship experiences such as the Christmas Pageant and Children and Youth Sunday.
The Learning Center Model offers studens three weeks to focus on the same subject. Students move to a different Learning Center each Sunday for three weeks. The Fall months cover Old Testament stories. This year students will cover Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac in September, Joseph and His Brothers in October, and Joseph in Egypt in November. December is dedicated to the Nativity Story. January is WinTerm which means students (and teachers) take a short break from the structured class schedule to gather as one group to focus on a social justice issue, this year's WinTerm theme is Who Is My Neighbor? which will use the parable of the Good Samaritan to help kids understand Jesus' call to reach out to ALL of God's Children. One Sunday of the WinTerm will focus on the role that the Church played in the Civil Rights movement. Second Semester focuses on Jesus as the Great Teacher: February explores the lessons that Jesus taught with The Woman at the Well, The Widow's Offering, and The Beatitudes. March gives students a chance to delve into three parables: The Prodigal Son, The Good Samaritan, and The House on the Rock. April digs deeper into the wonder and meaning of the miracles of Jesus: Calming the Storm, Through the Roof, and Feeding the 5000. May is set aside as a time to make church history come alive by learning about the adventures of Paul.
The Sunday School model is based on a 4-Sunday month, so special events are planned for any 5th Sundays. September 30, in conjunction with Accessibility Sunday, Charlie Crow, accompanied by his father Randall, will be a guest speaker to share his experience of grouping up using a wheelchair, while March 30 has been set as a date for a Sunday School based service project yet to be determined.
The Pre Kind / Kindergarten Teachers introduce Bible Stories to the children through story time, snacks, activities and play. Youth in grades 7 - 12 will begin meeting the end of September for regular youth activities and a once a month Youth Bible Study.
This buzz of activity all takes place during Sunday Morning Worship as soon as the kids head out after Time With Children. Much work and preparation, along with a lot of love and patience, from a large group of dedicated volunteers, goes into creating and maintaining an effective educational and spiritual community for the younger members of First Congregational Church..... and it all starts on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9!
~ Jeff Rabe

Posted on August 21, 2018 at 10:54 am in Featured Content.

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