Our Art in Our Space

Liturgical artist Catherine Kapikian has said "The work of the artist and the work of the church are inexorably bound. Both seek a response, a transformation of thought in those who come to see and enter to hear..." We at First Congregational are blessed with the new art gallery in our Chapel. We can use this space to express ourselves and give "voice" to our goals. Currently in the gallery, Christina Schoenwetter's photographic art features her expression of Joy. But most of us don't consider ourselves "artists," so how can we all use the gallery?
The exhibition for this fall with the theme The Courage to Hope gives each of us a chance to submit to the space. The exhibit will be a way of engaging not only our church but the wider community in a conversation about hope and finding it in the midst of being disheartened. We are asking FCUCC members to engage with their own collections of 2-dimensional art to find a piece that expresses for the owner the presence of hope and to offer that piece to be used in the exhibition. The piece need not be an original or overtly religious; think a grandchild's sweet drawing or an abstract painting with colors that make your heart sing. The only "requirement" is that each piece be submitted with a short paragraph of explanation about why the piece was chosen for submission. Details about how to submit your offering will be coming up in the Tower in a couple of weeks.
This is one way that we can use our art to support each other during these times when hope can seem hard to find. So take some time with your thoughtful selves and reacquaint yourselves with your "collection," choosing to submit a piece that expresses your determination to continue to live with courage and hope. 
~ Linda Hancock

Posted on August 7, 2018 at 11:03 am in Featured.

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