The Chameleon Chapel

Because of your generosity and the commitment to making our spaces as usable as possible, the renovated Chapel has become a chameleon. Over the last several months, the Chapel has been host to a variety of events and activities that would not have been possible prior to renovation.The events have included the Chapel Concert series, 55 Alive!, music practice for the Sunday School kids during worship, Spiritual Practice Academy, reception following a memorial service, meetings, labyrinth walking, an art exhibition, Vesper services in a more intimate arrangement, and early Easter service facing a new direction. The space has an openness that is more welcoming, brighter, and offers the chance to be creative in configuration. The tables and chairs are close at hand, yet hidden and kept tidy. One of the great gifts has been a wonderful sound system, and the t-coil hearing loop. And let's not forget the close proximity of a kitchen to serve and work as a staging room for the events!
Of course all of these events could have taken place in the building, but not with the ease the Chapel offers, and certainly not all in the same space. Outside groups and visitors have found the events held in the Chapel much easier to find.
I hope you will take pride in the new Chapel and how it has become a chameleon for the church. Groups no longer need to adjust to a non-flexible space - the space becomes a chameleon to every group. Thanks to your generosity, a space that didn't change in size is now larger in its possibilities!
~ Eldonna ​Hazen

Posted on April 24, 2018 at 10:48 am in Featured Content.

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