In a time when we can easily become discouraged by the actions of people around us, the inequalities related to race, religion, disabilities, healthcare, and income, we should use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to look at our own lives, and give gratitude for the blessings we experience.Too often we lose track of the everyday needs we take for granted. Most of us have plenty of food in our cupboards, freezer, or easy access to groceries. We don't stress about where we will sleep at night. We can go to the doctor when needed, and purchase the medication prescribed. We have transportation at our fingertips. We have friends who are willing to provide meals when we are sick or are facing struggles. We have people who are willing to wrap their arms around us when we are overwhelmed. 
         Don't let Thanksgiving be just another day on the calendar this year! As an individual, or as a family, start a gratitude list. Spend an hour of the day making a list of the things you are thankful for, and talk about how you might provide for others who may not be able to generate the same list. We are all brothers and sisters with needs - some met, some unmet. How can we share our gifts with others? How can we show our gratitude when gifts are given to us? It's less about the list itself, and more about how your heart might be affected.
                                                                                                ~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on November 21, 2017 at 12:23 pm in Featured Content.

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