First Art Installation

We have all had the opportunity to see the newly renovated space. We all are living into the space - finding new ways to utilize the multi-purpose space of the Chapel, Student Lounge, and Kitchenette.  Until now, we have not been able to visualize the use of the Chapel space, which was fitted with proper display railings, as a space for art installations. Starting this Sunday, December 3, we will have our first exhibition hung in the Chapel.
            It seemed only appropriate to have well-known artist and calligrapher Linda Hancock, a member of First Congregational, provide the artwork for the first installation. Linda has been commissioned by the church since 1997 to create a piece of artwork for our outgoing Moderators. Now, all of those pieces will be displayed in an Installation entitled "Gratitude." We have asked the former Moderators to loan their artwork to us and write a brief paragraph summarizing the information they had given to Linda to create the piece. 
            This installation is filled with gratitude. We are grateful for the service of each moderator, we are grateful to have had Linda as part of our congregation to reflect our gratitude, and we are grateful to be able to see all of these works of art in one place. As a congregation, we know the importance of the Moderators'  work, and the pride we have in Linda's interpretations. I have also asked Linda what this means to her to have all of these pieces in one installation:
            "What a thrilling prospect it is to revisit work created in the past twenty years!  A retrospective of these intimate pieces is such an unusual occurrence in an artist's career. I'm delighted that the Moderators were willing to lend their pieces to this important Opening Exhibition in our beautiful new gallery space so that we as a congregation could once again express our gratitude for their service, and I'm proud to see the work as another form of worship in our renovated Chapel."
            It is with great excitement, we are able to use this newly renovated space to feature beautiful art. The installation will be available for six weeks, starting December 3rd. Please plan to stop in and celebrate the art created by Linda Hancock, and the work of our former moderators.
With gratitude,
Eldonna Hazen

Posted on November 28, 2017 at 11:37 am in Featured Content.

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