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This Sunday after worship, we will be having the Annual Meeting of First Congregational. There are several items on the agenda, but one of them is voting on the new membership of the boards for the church. We will install the members of the boards, and say thank you to the many that have served on boards and have concluded their terms on the boards. 
Each board will say goodbye to members that have played significant roles and given hours of time and energy to further the mission of the church. The time that is given goes far beyond the time spent in monthly meetings. Each board member takes on additional responsibilities on behalf of the board so more time can be spent in meetings for updates and decision making. I am so grateful for members who share their expertise, creativity and ingenuity. Your gifts go far beyond the collection plate!
Please join me in thanking the following members for their service over the years. Many have completed three terms of two years, so six years of service. Your commitment to the church is noted and very much appreciated. May your Monday nights be filled with rest and relaxation (until we talk you into serving on another board in the future)!
            Lyn Macgregor (Moderator)
            Darcy Syring (Clerk)
            Hank Whipple (Foundation)
            Ruth Benedict (Christian Ed)
            Susan Veit (Christian Ed)
            Jessica Taft (Deacons)
            Betty Hasselkus (Deacons)
            Nancy Payne (Community Life)
            Marcia Olson (Community Life)
            Sarah Siedschlag (Outreach)
            Beth Cannestra (Property)
            Ben Ringle (Property)
            Gary Pine (Property)
            Herb Heneman (Property)
            Paul Camponeschi (Stewardship)
            Lance Bentley (Stewardship)
~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on May 16, 2017 at 10:23 am in Featured Content.

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