An Evening of Learning

Over the last six months, there have been plenty of reasons for us, as Christians, to be discouraged. The Gospel authors, documenting Jesus' ministry, made it clear what Jesus called us, as disciples, to do in our ministry. The words were not written as suggestions, they were written as direction. We are to love our neighbors, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner, and give drink to the thirsty. And who are we to love, feed, clothe, visit, and provide drink for as neighbors? Jesus says it is anyone who is our brother or sister. 
We have witnessed plenty of actions that have not reflected love for our neighbors, especially the most vulnerable. Those actions include: the potential of millions of people losing their healthcare, funds either reduced or totally erased for programs that provide safety nets for families, people being singled out due to the religion they practice, families being separated by deportation, and funding being cut for feeding and educating our most precious commodity - our children!  We have even added a group Advocacy: March On to our community database, to keep people informed of actions that can be taken to address proposed legislation that would fail to show love to our neighbors and provide for people who need our assistance.
Although we can feel discouraged, there has been an incredible opportunity handed to us. We have been able to band together with our brothers and sisters of other faith traditions. We can use this opportunity to learn with and from, those who practice a different tradition than we do. The more we learn and understand about our brothers and sisters who are Jewish or Muslim, the more we will find out how much we have in common.
I hope you will consider taking the time to attend Faith Fasting and Friendship: An Interfaith Iftar Community Potluck.   It will be held on Saturday, June 10 from 7:30-10:30pm at Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S Park St #201. Learn about food and fasting in different cultural and religious traditions. Donations will be collected for Second Harvest Food Bank. For every $1 donated, they can provide 3 meals.
This is a perfect example of taking a challenging situation and using positive energy to engage with our brothers and sisters, to make a difference. We are definitely stronger together!
~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on May 31, 2017 at 1:12 pm in Featured Content.

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