Prayer Vigil THIS Sunday

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Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
We are living in challenging times in our world today. Our personal values, shaped by our faith, do not always match the values of our friends and neighbors, both locally and nationally. Often we become frustrated, thinking there is nothing we can do, so we head into our closets praying that something or someone, will change. Or we recklessly head out with our passions, forgetting Jesus words to love ALL of God's children, not just the children we choose to love. Even though we may feel as though times have never been worse, history tells us differently. Henri Nouwen's words above remind us that we constantly must be in prayer, and acting out our faith. Actions are not usually difficult for our faith community, but prayer must be as constant as our actions. First Congregational will be a sponsor of a prayer vigil held on March 19th. We hope you will join us for a time of prayer & action on March 19th.
Prayer Vigil
March 19th at 3:00pm
Capitol Rotunda
Co-Sponsored by:
Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice
First Congregational UCC
St. Dunstan's Episcopal
Temple Beth El
Madison-area Urban Ministry
~ Eldonna Hazen

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