Construction Zone Ahead! Please Read!

We have been talking about the renovation on the west side of the building for a very long time. Plans have been drawn and re-drawn. Bids have been submitted by contractors, and approved by the Executive Council. Over three years of work has been done by our Renovation Committee. And now . . . THE WORK HAS BEGUN! 
Many changes will need to be made by members of the congregation and outside groups who use our space. Please read the following updates about entry for all activities happening in the building:
*The University Avenue door will be the main entrance into the building during the week. A list of room assignments will be posted on the bulletin board at the top of the steps at that entrance. Please check those room assignments every time you attend a meeting. Rooms may have to be shifted on a day to day basis. 
*The Garden Entrance will be open during the week for access to the elevator. Groups using the building at night will only be able to use the small parking lot entrance if previous arrangements have been made. 
*The small parking lot will NOT be able to be used for parking while construction is taking place, except on Sundays. The Lathrop door off the small parking lot will also be open on Sunday for use of the elevator. 
*For safety, please do NOT try to enter any area that has been roped off during construction. 
These changes may seem like a very big inconvenience, but we really need to focus on the end result. At the end of this construction, the architecture we have been looking for will be reality; our dreams will be realized. Our space will become multi-purpose friendly, children in our nursery will be closer for quicker access if needed, the minister's offices will be accessible, all of our Sunday School classrooms will be located together, the main office will be closer to our main entrance, and all of those spaces will be more welcoming.
We give thanks for the generosity of our members in order to complete a large project. Construction is the art of making a meaningful whole out of many parts.
~ Eldonna Hazen

Posted on March 28, 2017 at 1:13 pm in Featured Content.

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