Christmas Pageant

A retelling of the traditional nativity story will be offered, with a twist, by the children and youth of First Cong on Sunday, December 17 at 6:00 pm in the Sanctuary. All the children of the Sunday School are invited to be a part of the program. The title "The X-MAS FILES: The Truth Is Out There, I Believe" may offer a hint of the twist being portrayed. Connecting with the sci-fi/mystery theme of the popular TV series, Lox Mulder and Dana Schooly are special agents of the FBI (Faith Bureau of Israel) being sent to investigate three strange, yet seemingly unrelated, phenomenon happening in Bethlehem:
      1)  A celestial beacon that has mysteriously appeared directly over the community. 
      2)  Reports of extra-terrestrial sightings in the hills outside of town by a rag-tag group of shepherds.  
      3)  A potential coup, as in talk of a new Regent. This last one is of particular interest to 
           the reigning monarch, King Herod. 
Agent Schooly, with her analytical mind, searches for logical explanations for the odd occurrences in Bethlehem. Her rationale for the Angel sighting by the Shepherds:  "...the minerals in the soil in these parts are known to react with the acid in sheep urine creating an invisible gas that, in large enough amounts, can cause hallucinations." On the other hand, Agent Mulder, someone more apt to explore than explain, attempts to broaden Schooly's scope: "...some dreams do come true, unproven yet they do. Faith means looking past what you can see." Their search for the shepherds and the three mysterious strangers from the East lead them to the baby in a stable, and perhaps a new found respect for the unknown.
All the usual suspects are there, with a few added features. The cast has been busy rehearsing lines and creating characters. The children of the Sunday School will bring the scenes together with songs they've been working on for weeks. This annual event bringing that familiar story to life will invite viewers and participants alike to dig deeper in their understanding of God's work here on earth. The truth is out there.... do you believe?
DRESS REHEARSAL for the Cast and ALL SUNDAY SCHOOL CHILDREN is Saturday, December 16,  9 - 11am.

Posted on December 12, 2017 at 11:35 am in Featured Content.

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