The Amazing GRace Trophy Comes Home!

The High School team from First Cong brought home the first place trophy from the 10th running of the AMAZING GRACE this past Sunday, April 2. Two other First Cong teams placed respectably as well. The Winning Team chooses where the Prize Money is sent, and the team chose UNICEF to support Syrian Refugees. The other First Cong teams were playing for NAMI and the Epilepsy Foundation.
This year's GRACE followed a Creation Theme. Starting with a Planets Puzzle in the Dining Room, the teams next moved on to the Sanctuary to find "LIGHT" (small flashlights taped under the pews). Counting trees in Bear Mound Park was the next stop for PLANTS. Teams then headed back to the First Cong Dining Room to choose between a word puzzle on BIRDS & FISH, or eat a plate of peeps and gefiltefish. With that completed teams were directed to the Villas Zoo for a challenge involving ANIMALS. South Towne Mall was the site of the STARS & MOON challenge, i.e. shopping for moons in the Dollar Tree and serenading people inside the McDonalds restaurant with Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star. Olbrich Gardens was the next stop, with a challenge to find ADAM & EVE, who directed teams to Plymouth Congregation for a WATER challenge. To reinforce GOD RESTED, teams headed to the Salvation Army Women & Children Shelter to drop off the pillows and blankets they had been carrying throughout the GRACE. The final challenge, back at First Cong, involved memory and a grasp of all the information they gathered along the way.
A big THANK YOU goes out to the many First Cong volunteers that made this event possible:
DRIVERS/CHAPERONES: Kim Fisher, Linda Ketcham, Minna Ketcham, Sean Hadfield, Kweku Brewoo, Josh Feyen, Jay Edgar.
GRACE HOSTS: Marcia Wirt, Marsha Hall, Mari McCarty, Don DeBruin, Diana & Ron Shaw, Brenda Burke, Patrick Burke, Walker Stephenson, Jeanne Marshall, Melinda Pine, Liz Falendysz, Hank & Judy Whipple, Cathy Noth, Eldonna Hazen, Carlyn & Aiden Noth-Hazen, Joanne & Bob Lenburg, and Janet & Tom Pugh.

Posted on April 4, 2017 at 10:54 am in Youth.

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