Embracing Emergence Christianity - The Church's Next Rummage Sale

Every time Carol and I have moved to a different house, we have gone through the process of sorting through boxes, piles, and drawers of "stuff" to determine what needs to move and what can be sold in a garage sale or given away. This is not a process that I look forward to or get excited
about, but it is one that I find fulfilling and freeing once it is completed. "De-cluttering" has become a national phenomenon. All you have to do is google it and you get multiple lists of books written to help us cope with getting rid of stuff. Some of the questions offered include: Do I need this? Am I holding on to this because it has a significant memory? Can someone else use it? Am I keeping it because I think I should love it? I think these are good questions and they can be applied to the ways we hold on to physical stuff and even to the ways we hold on to old ways of thinking.
Contemporary theologians are now writing about the changing face of Christianity and culture. In our upcoming study, Phyllis Tickle facilitates a video discussion where she challenges us to think about what traditions the church needs to hold on to and what is no longer necessary. She begins by surveying two thousand years of Western history, identifying the great upheavals that occur in Western culture and Christianity every 500 years. The last upheaval was the Great Reformation of the 1500's. The next one is happening now. It is being called the "Great Emergence." We cannot yet see the end of this emergence, but we can explore where God is leading and how the church is impacted. What is our Authority and how shall we live? What do we keep and what do we let go of to make room for the new? Phyllis Tickle calls this the "church's next rummage sale." Join us for this 4 sessions study and discussion as we ask these important questions together in community.
 ~Ann Beaty

Posted on October 4, 2016 at 10:50 am in Featured Content.

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